Beyond Just Friends And Family; Gaining Genuine Support For Your Instagram Project

Beyond Just Friends And Family; Gaining Genuine Support For Your Instagram Project

You know, back in the day (that’s how far back we go these days), I always wondered how these other guys pulled off the stunts they did. Now, this was long before Instagram arrived but I guess the same principles still apply. Anyhow, I always wondered how these guys managed to pull in so much support. As in followers and likes to their blogs and/or websites. I started my humble little blog with just a few family members and a bit more genuine friends.

If they weren’t real friends, they were at least fairly supportive acquaintances. Today, you also regard these folks, the acquaintances, that is, as your frenemies. They can be your friends, but they can also be your enemies. With you, they are like-minded, applying their hearts and minds to similar, if not, exact trades as you. That makes them your direct competitors or rivals. You are all competing for the same pieces of pie.

You could always count on your family for support. That is to say that you are lucky enough to have one like me. But we hardly see one another. We live within walking distance, but rare is it that we get together just for a cuppa. Anyhow, we still keep in close contact via our favourite social media channels. These days its Instagram and WhatsApp.

But just how do they do it? I even politely became a follower myself. Not so much to see how they do it but (correctly, as it turns out) more to do with reaching out to thousands of others through the social media backdoor. You could call this piggy-backing. But still, I had to wonder. What was it about these guys that quite literally thousands of others out there seemed to like? I checked into their work as regularly as I could and I have to say that it didn’t exactly blow me away.

So, what the heck. But then it dawned on me. All they did was buy real Instagram followers. And I had to say, what with my modest following and all and my exceptionally good work, why didn’t I think of that before. So, there you go. If you’re struggling to get your projects off of the ground, no matter how good the chosen social media medium and no matter how good your work is, don’t feel bad.

Don’t feel bad at all when you go shopping on the net to buy genuine support. As far as Instagram and other like-minded social media platforms go, this will come by way of noticeable ‘followers’ and ‘likes’. Finally, just to round things off for added motivation. It’s really great to see how average Joe and average Sally is now able to reach similar lofty heights as those famous celebs and politicians have.

And that’s another thing, and this may even surprise you. How’d you think the politicians and stars managed to build up such unbelievably massive followings?