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The National
Estate Churches Network
NECN: The National Estate Churches Network
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If you are interested in how Christians are living and ministering in the Housing Estates of the UK then you’ve arrived at the website for you. Welcome to the NECN – that’s the National Estate Churches Network – which links together Christians of all denominations in order to support and learn from one another.

There is no membership fee so just send your name and email address and you’ll get our regular free eNewsletter and other information about our events, resources, groups, seminars, links and a lot more. Hear the stories of Christian housing estate ministry, and if you would like to tell us your story, we’d love to hear.

Thanks for joining us – click the links to see more.

                             Bishop Laurie Green

Chair NECN

What do we do?

All around England our local groups meet to share experience and support.  Some send reps to our national executive group so that in this way we are active at national and local level.  Our volunteer worker visits local groups to offer advice and encouragement. We run conferences around the country, offer estate advice on our phone line at 07933 438304 and at the Contact Us page on this website. We produce a newsletter full of your stories and resources. We interact through FaceBook and Twitter. We share our expertise and our problems, learn from one another and glory in what God makes possible on our Estates.

Each year we hold a conference. To find out about what we did at our Annual Conference 2014, please click here.

How it got started

In 1998 a conference was sponsored by the Methodist Church and the Church of England.  Since then we’ve been joined by members from the Roman Catholic Church, from other denominations and none. We are inclusive of all Christian traditions – all are welcome, and especially you!